Client-centric training centre

Capability-building programmes to preserve business knowledge and job-related skills

Talent enrichment and recruitment

Multi-industry collaboration to cultivate future industry leaders

Championing industry insight

Shape industry agendas and drive pursuit of industry eminence as individuals and as a group

What is IFCA Academy?

KK Leong, EVP of Academy, talks about how the IFCA Learning Academy provides the tools for individuals to improve their performance so that they can add value to your business.

IFCA does that by making it easier and more fun for people to learn and increase their business knowledge and job-related skills. Most of the courses would be on a mobile-friendly platform and the courses will be short, job-related and focused, and easier to consume at each individual’s pace.

IFCA has been in the property business for 30 years and we are in a good position to help businesses succeed in this industry.

Content Coverage

There will be more content and IFCA modules available as we go along!

Industry Fundamentals

Get all the basic knowledge that you should know if you are currently in or planning to get into the construction, property development, property sales, property management, human resource and hospitality industry. The more you know, the easier the learning curve!

Know-how Modules

Modules of our solutions will be made available in an easy-to-consume manner. These videos will be curated in short video formats and our clients’ staff can review and refer to them as and when necessary. Our library of how-tos will only get bigger from here!

Proprietary Insights

It is our goal to be the flagship destination for thought leadership for industry professionals. From in-depth reports to articles, videos and more, we seek to provide thought-provoking insights that will help companies and individuals reach their potential.